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Youth Firearms Safety Course

If you want your child to learn firearms responsibility, safety, and proper shooting technique, this is a great group class for a nominal fee. The class is taught by NRA certified instructors.The class is limited to 10 students.

Each child must be supervised by a parent at all times.

The class is 3 hours long consisting of 1 hour in the classroom and up to 2 hour on the range. The content of each class is:

Promotion and demonstration on the safe handling of guns on the range

Proper grip, sight picture, stance, breathing, and trigger control

Live fire at paper targets with a Ruger SR-22 .22 caliber handgun and .22 rifle.

The cost of the class is $65.00 which covers 2 children. There is $10 fee for any additional children

Please let us know how many children will be attending in comments section during registration

Location: Private Range located in Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

Exact address will be sent in email after registration.

Group rate: 10 children- $35.00 per child

Each student will receive a decorative named certificate of completion for the course.

To pass the course, students must show an acceptable level of safety and proficiency as determined by the instructor.

Youth Firearms Safety Course located in Cincinnati, Ohio

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