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Instructor Cadre

Meet Our Team

Barnabas Edwards

Carbine Instructor

Barnabas Edwards served 7 years in the Florida National Guard. He was an E-5 Sgt 68W20 Medic Squad Leader. In this capacity capacity Barnabas maintained medical inventory and equipment, specialized in Trauma and Mass Casualty Triage and Evacuation.

Nathaniel Quinn spent over 9 years in the U.S. Army on active duty in both the infantry and the

Special Operations Community. During that time he developed a passion for pursuing

improvement in the applications of marksmanship. 

Marcus Zeigler is the lead instructor and owner of Zeigler Defense Systems.

Marcus Zeigler

Red Dot Pistol Instructor

Marcus Zeigler is a Rangemaster Certified Instructor, he has worked in private security for several years. He has completed specialized training from Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Centrifuge Training,  Modern Samurai Project. Marcus personally attends over 100 hours of training per year as a student in courses such as low light handgun, RDS Pistol, Fighting Carbine, Defensive Handgun with some of the best instructors in the industry.


  • Rangemaster Certified Instructor
  • Modern Samurai Project Certified Red Dot Pistol Instructor
  • Centrifuge Training ,LLC Certified Red Dot Instructor
  • OC Spray Instructor- Chuck Haggard
  • Licensed Private Security
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA CCW Instructor
  • USCCA Instructor
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
black owned firearms training company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cassaundra Zeigler

USCCA Instructor

Cassaundra Zeigler is a USCCA Certified Instructor and also handles all the admin work for Zeigler Defense Systems

Micheal Flitcraft

Michael Flitcraft

Shotgun Instructor

Mike served 7 years in the Air Force between active duty and the Ohio National Guard as an intelligence analyst with several additional duties. Augmenting Security Forces personnel along with aiding the development/implementation of training programs for intelligence analysts were amongst these.

Essential Pistol 2 Day, Defensive Pistol Workshop,Progressive Fundamentals and Movement

(Impact Shooting Center)

Contextual Handgun : The Armed Parent / Guardian

(Citizen Defense Research)

RSO for multiple events at TDI Ohio 

Rifle Marksmanship Instructor with Project Appleseed 2009-2011

IDPA competitor since 2010

NRA RSO certified

Riton Optics Prostaff, 2019-2021