Handgun 102

Take your handgun skills beyond the basic fundamental and develop the skills required to maintain a level of emotional and physical control while processing information and making decisions on the move. Students will learn to manipulate their firearm in conventional and unconventional shooting positions with a focus on employment in a fluid environment.

Topics covered

  • Range brief/ med plan
  • Timed graded shooting qualification
  • Drawing from concealmeant
  • malfunction clearing under stress
  • engaging mutiple threats
  • primary/support hand only shooting
  • Static shooting positions
  • understanding cover vs concealment


  • You will need 300 rounds of fmj ammo
  • Daily carry or duty weapon
  • Sturdy belt with quality holster
  • 3 magazines or more
  • Magazine pouch
  • Ear/Eye protection
  •  PLEASE DO NOT WEAR MATCH ORIENTED GEAR TO THIS CLASS. Wear the gear you would use to carry a defensive sidearm fully concealed for self defense on the streets of a major American city. Holsters and magazine pouches meant for open wear in a match are not suitable for this class.
COST: $125

4 hour course

CCW permit or verifiable training are required for this course. You will not be coddled! We expect you to have an understanding of various methods of reloading, weapon manipulation and muzzle awareness.

We do evaluation skill drills in each class to determine which skill should be focused on.

firearm training

Handgun 102

Take your skills to the next level