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Sig Sauer X5 Legion Holster

sig sauer x5 legion holster


March 15, 2020

OK so people always ask me to point them in the right direction to buy their first holster, so here are my top 3!

1.Tier 1 Concealed

2. Stealth Gear

. Alien Gear

Springfield Armory xd-s

popular ccw pistol

Guns You Should Rent At The Range

February 14, 2020

1.  Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

2.  SIG SAUER P365

3. Glock 43

4. Taurus G2C

5.Springfield Armory XD-S

6FN FNX-45

.Ruger LCP II

8Glock 42

9.Bodyguard 38 Revolver Crimson Trace